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TRY1 Shirts

The purpose of the TRY1 shirts is so customers may only receive the first shirt and try it on and wear test it, etc.  This gives customers a chance to determine if the sizing is exactly right or any change that needs to be done can be communicated to us and we will incorportate the change on the remaining shirts.  The try1 shirt is not in addition to the order quantity.  If the first shirt doesn't fit that doesn't mean we owe you another shirt.  We adjust and make the remaining shirts and send them to you.  We make the shirts to the sizes that you specify.  If the sizes don't make sense we will contact you and verify the sizes with you.   

Every effort will be made to make each and every transaction a pleasant experience for the customer. Each shirt, custom fit and standard fit, is made and customized according to order. All orders both custom fit and standard fit shirts will take 2 to 3 weeks before you receive them. The custom fit shirts and standard fit shirts are custom made for you.  We keep your pattern in our files. Both custom fit and standard fit shirts are not stock shirts and are made after you order them.  The custom fit and standard fit shirts are made in our factory in China and shipped directly to you from there.

Special Requests
If you have a special request, Custom Pilot Shirts will make every effort to respond in a timely manner. We will also make every effort to comply with your order and if we cannot we will do our best to attempt to give you a satisfactory explanation as to why.

Return Policy

Custom Fit and standard fit shirts are Non-Refundable since we make them just for you and you supply the measurements and customizations. You will not have a problem with quality with these shirts.  

We have done our best to describe our shirts on this site. We realize that when ordering online you do not have a chance to see the shirts up close before purchase.  You are responsible for selecting the correct size after following the comprehensive but simple sizing instructions. The bottom line is that we are very reasonable and will listen to your concerns! We appreciate our customers.  

Sales Tax

Only shirts shipped to California addresses are subject to sales tax.

Privacy and Order Security

We will ALWAYS keep all of your information private and will NEVER share it with 3rd parties. We won’t even ask you if we can share your information…period. We value your privacy. Any testimonials that are published to this website will be de-identified except perhaps for your initials and location. All transactions via credit card transmitted over the internet are done in a secure manner using SSL encryption technology. We never keep your credit card information. 


Safer with every transaction.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring money, you get an extra layer of security when you use PayPal. That’s because all your financial information (like your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on our servers, so you don’t need to share your financial information with the person you’re buying from. 

In addition, your transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by a dedicated team of security specialists. Their mission is to identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions. 

If you ever notice a charge on your account, for something you didn’t authorize, report it immediately. We’ll secure your account and launch an investigation to find out what’s going on. If we find that someone has used your PayPal account without your permission (for example, someone stole your account password), or there was an error (for example, money was incorrectly taken from your account), we’ll cover you for the full amount of every eligible unauthorized transaction. 

Finally, if a transaction doesn’t go as planned, or you’re worried about anything at all, like fraud or phishing, we make it easy for you to report issues, and get help. On top of all this, we provide additional protection through our Purchase Protection and Seller Protection programs, described below.

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