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Thank you for your interest in Custom Pilot Shirts...the BEST way to order your airline pilot uniform shirts. This company was started to help you find the uniform shirt that fits best, looks best, is easy to maintain, has a long wear life, and has the features you want to make your job easier. We have combined the experience and input of pilots flying airliners in all sorts of conditions all over the world with highly experienced people in the apparel industry to design a uniform shirt that we think is better than any off the shelf pilot shirt. We only make pilot shirts so our focus is on only one thing...making your shirt more comfortable and functional than any other pilot shirt available on the market today. And you get to choose the features that work best for you at no extra cost!

First of all, we want you to look like the professional aviator that you are. We concentrate on things like comfort in all environments, low maintenance, correct fit, and functional features that make your job easier. We are the only pilot shirt manufacturer that lets you choose the shirt features of pocket style, wing display, and pen slot location. Your uniform shirt is an asset and can make your job easier through increased function.


We have two types of shirts,

1) Custom Fit with custom features  

2) Standard Fit with custom features.  

With both types of shirts you specify the pocket style of either open top or traditional flap.  You also specify if and where you want your pen slots (choice with open top style pockets only with non custom fit shirts). If you display your wings on your shirts we will install the wing pin guides that reinforce where your pins penetrate the shirt. We use a cloth backing for the wing pin guides for added quality. All pockets and flaps are reinforced for added durability. 

Our shirts were thoroughly tested by airline pilots flying actual trips before being put to market. All of our shirts are manufactured with high quality, light weight, or medium weight, durable,  fabric that was chosen for maximum durability and minimum maintenance. All shirts feature Cotton Extra, a superior cotton/polyester blend fabric with a high thread count for added quality, great look, and  comfortable feel as the standard fabric. They are machine washable, stain resistant, and comfortable, just right.  These shirts have a long life because of the incredible fabric and stitching.

If you have special needs (possibly extra wing pin holes for a name tag or a color other than white, etc) simply describe your desires in the comments section during the ordering process or email us with your request via the contact us page. 

We also have easy to follow measurement instructions for our custom fit line and comprehensive size instructions and charts for our non custom fit shirts that if followed will result in a better fitting shirt. We urge you to take the time to measure yourself and follow all measuring instructions before ordering. You’ll be glad you did. We also have comprehensive care instructions. When followed your shirts should last longer than other shirts available today. We also have you personally log in to your own account so you can see your previous orders and then simply order the same shirts the next time without going through the sizing calculations again. It can also help during tax time when you need to know how much you spent on your tax-deductible uniform items.

We take pride in our pilot uniform shirts and know you'll be completely satisfied so why not give us a try? You'll be glad you did. Also, you'll want to tell your co-workers where you got your shirts when they ask.   



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