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Shirt Care  


* Machine wash the shirts only with other uniform shirts in warm water with a cold water rinse. Use the permanent press cycle. Never mix colors with these shirts. 

* Pre-treat stained areas with liquid detergent only. For best results do not use stain treatment products such as stain sticks or pre-treatment sprays. 

* Use the maximum amount of water for best results. 

* Use only liquid detergent and NEVER use a chlorine bleach. Bleach that does not contain chlorine may be used. Clorox 2 for Colors is an example of a readily available non-chlorine bleach. 

* Add a liquid fabric softener when the washer starts it's rinse cycle. When it is filling with the rinse water, add the fabric softener. It might be best to dilute it with water so that you make sure you don\'t stain the shirts. 

* Put the shirts through 2 rinse cycles to completely rinse out the detergent. 

* Remove from washer shortly after the machine finishes and place on a hanger and let air dry until damp.  Do not dry on a high heat.  This will avoid shrinkage.  If you must tumble dry, do it on a low heat setting.

* Full steam ahead! Iron on a medium-high setting with lots of steam. No starch required.

* For 100% cotton shirts, professional care is recommended and have them press with a light spray starch.  Air Dry.  Do not use home dryer.  If you choose home care (not recommended) use liquid fabric softener and when ironing, spray on light starch, let it sit so the starch gets into the fabric, iron fabric with little or no steam.  After ironing, you may iron again with lots of steam.  NOTE: Professional cleaning and pressing recommended (almost required for best look).  Over time the shirts will begin to wear better.  

* If a dryer is necessary, turn shirts inside-out and raise the collar. Then dry on a low to medium heat setting until damp and then iron on a medium-high setting with lots of steam. Use a dryer fabric softener sheet.



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